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Terms of Service

Effective as of 04/16/21
By visiting 4dopt.com, you (as a visitor or account holder) are legally bound to these Terms of Service and agree to follow them. You also agree to any changes made to the Terms of Service at any time. Updates made to the Terms of Service will be in effect immediately.

• We are not responsible for losses or fees as a result of viewing or using 4dopt.com. This includes computer issues or credit purchases.
• We are not responsible for content, advertising, or links posted by any individuals on or off the site.
• We are not responsible for any content players post, such as information or links, nor information found on other websites linked to profiles, forums, private messages, or anywhere else on 4dopt.com. Any information is posted at the user's discretion.
• Credits purchased from 4dopt.com are non-refundable.
• We reserve the right to ban accounts that break this Terms of Service agreement. Banned accounts are not eligible for appeal, refunds, or compensation.

Teen Rating & Sensitive Content Tagging/Blocking

Interactions, pictures, and all other content must be kept appropriate for a PG-13 rating. No sexual content, excessive violence, or excessive swearing.

4dopt maintains a teen rating, meaning that some sensitive content may be present such as mild gore, uncanny valley, innuendos, etc, based on content submitted by 4dopt's users.

For this reason, 4dopt has a tagging system and a block system to be used to censor content that makes users uncomfortable. It is the user's sole responsibility to block content accordingly.

Users may not police what artists choose to draw or pester artists to change their artwork based on discomfort. If the content is known to be offensive, bullying, or illegal, please report this using the Contact Us form to submit a request for removal. Please note that this is a request, and if the content is deemed safe under a teen rating and does not conflict with 4dopt's Terms of Service, it may not be removed.

English Only

Until we have bilingual staff, we can only allow English to be used in public areas of the site. You are welcome to speak any language over private messages, bearing in mind that staff will not be able to read them when looking into issues such as scamming. We are not responsible for any issues that come up when other languages are used.

Respect Staff

Do not argue with, insult, bribe, or otherwise attempt to harass or manipulate staff. If a staff member ceases discussion of a topic, continued discussion of the topic may result in warnings or bans.

Requests to Buy/Sell Etc.

If a user is not offering something for sale (such as an adopt, item, or other goods or services), n interested party may ask about it no more than once. Repeated requests or attempts to bribe or pester a user over a sale or other service that's not being offered may result in warnings or bans.

Respect Fellow Players

Be polite and courteous to your fellow players. Any form of harassment will not be tolerated and may lead to warnings or bans.

Age Restriction

Users must be of the age required for consent to data processing. This age varies by country, being 13 in most countries including the US and UK, but is 16 elsewhere in the EEA. Any user found to be under age is in violation of the TOS.


Official site content on 4dopt.com is copyrighted. Redistributing or selling 4dopt.com official artwork or coding without expressed written permission is punishable by law.

Block Evasion

Do not attempt to bypass a user's choice to block your account, item, or species. Do not request that the block be lifted. Any form of block evasion is strictly prohibited.

Promotion of Illegal Activity

Do not engage in or discuss illicit activities in a promotional way. This includes pirating, fraud, and any other illegal activity.

Politics, Religion & Other Sensitive Subjects

Do not get into discussions or debate about real life politics, religion, or heated/sensitive topics such as suicide, genocide, etc. Although these topics may be mentioned on a surface level, 4dopt is not the place to discuss them. This includes encouraging discussion, debate, and joking about serious subjects.

Harassment or Discrimination

Hate speech, discrimination, targeting, impersonation, or other forms of harassment will not be tolerated on 4dopt.com. Anyone found to be instigating or involved in fights may face warnings or bans on the site.

No bribery or coercion to sell adopts or other in-game things. You can ask a player if they will sell x one time. After that one time, if the player says no, you may not ask again (or get others to ask on your behalf).


When selling services, both parties must follow through. Any on-site transaction that relies on a player's word or honor must be kept.
Staff will try to assist with onsite scams, but cannot guarantee results if the scam can't be directly proven in our records. We are not responsible for any scamming activity that takes place offsite, involves transactions of an offsite currency (such as real money), or scams that our records cannot prove (such as a trade for artwork that could have been delivered offsite).


Cheating the site in order to gain adopts, stats, items, or other advantages are strictly forbidden. This includes the exploitation of bugs (exploitable bugs should be reported through the Contact Us form.

Do not attempt to troubleshoot an exploitable bug yourself) or modifications/hacking that gives the user an unfair advantage.

Anything that is unfairly gained through a bug exploit (items, points, adopts, etc.) whether intentional or not may be revoked based on staff discression.

Offsite Content

Offsite Trading
While offsite trading is allowed, the following rules apply:
- Trading is only allowed on websites where offsite trading is also allowed
- We are not responsible for any offsite trading scamming.

Offsite Content
4dopt.com is not responsible for off-site content or links to offsite content. Dangerous off-site links found to be posted on 4dopt.com will be removed by staff as soon as they are seen. Do not post harmful links of any kind, or ones that give out personal information (such as social media sites like Facebook).

Reporting Policy

Reports that are not related to copyright must be made within 1 month of the initial occurrence. Staff will try to assist with late reports, but are not responsible for problems that may have come up in the past later than 1 month ago if the incident was not reported within that timeframe.

Privacy Policy

4dopt.com collects as little data as possible and offers options for opting in or out of having data collected at any time.
The following personal information is collected from users who sign up on 4dopt.com.
- Email address
- IP addresses
- Browser and machine details.

What we use it for
We collect the above information for history, tracking, and other on-site purposes. The information is visible only to our on-site staff and is not shared publicly on or off the site to any other individuals or third parties.

Posted content
Do not post any personal, identifying information publicly on 4dopt.com such as names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, or real life names on the forums, in usernames, adopt/species names, descriptions, or anywhere else that is publicly visible on the site. 4dopt.com and its staff are not responsible for personal information that is shared publicly or privately off or on the site, or issues that result from the sharing of personal or identifying information. It is up to the account holder to use discretion when engaging online.

Removal of information:
Any information that is posted publicly or via private messages will be removed upon request by the account holder. Requests for removal can be made through the Contact Us form.
We require the collection of email, IP addresses, and browsing/machine details for account holders to continue using their account, so if removal of this information requested, the account will be removed.

Third Party Cookies
Third party vendors, including Google, use cookies to serve ads based on a user's prior visits to 4dopt.com. Google's use of advertising cookies enables it and its partners to serve ads based on your visit to 4dopt.com and other websites. Users may opt out of personalized advertising by visiting www.aboutads.info

Copyright Violations

4dopt.com is an adoptables site that allows users to submit their own artwork and content for use on the site. We respect the copyright of all content creators. We do not claim ownership of user submitted artwork or other content.

1. A license agreement must be signed by all artists involved for the content to be released into the game.
2. Artists must be the copyright holders of their work. Any user-uploaded artwork found on the site that violates copyright will be removed. This includes tracing and heavily referencing artwork or photographs that are copyrighted by another individual. This also includes work that the artist originally owned the copyrights to, but sold to another individual (in the case of commissions in which copyright were transferred to the buyer).
3. Copyrighted work (that is not owned by the artist) may not be used in 'art shop' or other artwork advertisements including forum topics, banners, and chat announcements without clear and highly visible disclaimers.

Copyright infringement will result in warnings and account termination.
See the Contact Us form for reporting copyright infringement.

User Submitted Content

Terms for creators:
1. 4dopt.com is not liable for personal losses and other incidents related to user submitted content.
2. All user submitted content is moderated by the site staff.
3. 4dopt.com is not to be used for artwork storage. If a species goes unused (not released) for over 1 year, it may be deleted from our server to make room for released species. You will be notified via your account inbox a month in advance if this is scheduled to happen.
4. Make sure you have all of your artwork files saved. 4dopt.com is not responsible for loss of files.
5. Duplicate species or multiple species with the same artwork base is not allowed.
6. Creations must not discriminate or incite violence or hate toward others.
7. Artwork must maintain a teen (PG-13) rating. Mild gore and innuendos are allowed with proper tags as long as they are not in poor taste, hateful, or targeting of a specific group. No sexual content or extreme gore is permitted.
8. Humanoid species must be tasteful and not mimic or represent any real person or culture.
9. All species and items must have some visible and distinguishable content. Submissions that appear invisible/blank are not permitted (with the exception of placeholder files used for evolutions).

Guidelines for creators:
1. Species artwork canvases must be a perfect square with a maximum size of 500 pixels by 500 pixels.
2. Item artwork canvases must be 100x100 pixels.

License Agreement

The 4dopt.com license agreement allows creators to officially release their species/items into the game. By signing this agreement, you agree to give 4dopt permission to retain your artwork on our site for on-site purposes. The content cannot be deleted until no adopts of this species are in use on the site. You also give 4dopt.com permission to edit or remove your content if needed for the site such as in the case of censoring, bug fixes, or other necessary alterations from the original submission.

This license expires when all remaining adoptables of its species are no longer being used on user accounts, and when the species creator or 4dopt.com staff member deletes the species.

In order to sign this agreement, you must be the owner of the artwork that was submitted.

Inappropriate Content

All content on 4dopt.com must be appropriate for a PG-13 rating and not fall into our definition of 'inappropriate' which includes anatomically correct features on animals, excessive blood, and other questionable content.

Negative Comments/Critique of Art

4dopt is meant to be a place where artists of any skill level can upload their art and develop their skills. We do not allow negative comments or critique that have not been directly requested by the artist. If you have something negative to say, ask the artist first whether they want to receive potentially negative critique, and remember to keep critique constructive so that artists can know how to improve.