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Welcome to 4dopt!

The pet site made BY artists FOR artists!

4dopt is a site where artists can upload layered images, allowing their adoptables to be heavily customizable. Make the most adoptables with hex fills, hue, saturation, and brightness modifiers, multiply, clipping masks, and more. Randomize, breed, and collect! Artist decide how their species and items are used, and players get to enjoy them!

4dopt's major features include:
  • - Color/marking randomization
  • - Items & accessories
  • - Breeding, marking inheritance
  • - Collaboration between artists
  • - Pet site mechanics
  • - Live previews/recoloring
  • - Tagging/blocking
  • - Strict moderation on tracing/art theft

set rules on population & more

advanced marking inheritance system

choose from a number of functionalities

sell adoptables and items YOUR way

collect items of all different types

roleplay and chat as your adoptables

explore with your adoptables

tagging and blocking system