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New Species!

2020-08-09 13:18:04

Pridey Lion
has been released!

"These lions all live in the same Pride, even if they are in opposite sides of the world."

Pridey Lion was created by CarrotCube.
CarrotCube may edit this species any time within 3 days.

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2020-08-09 18:59:29

I need it rn thank u
2020-08-09 15:29:38


Preview Bug

2020-08-09 10:59:42

The randomized previews are down for maintenance.

We've found a bug in this system that is going to require a complete redo of the preview system. We need more time to get this feature redone, so in the meantime, it's being taken down to avoid bugs.

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New Item!

2020-08-09 06:10:49

Pix Plushie
has been released!

"An adorable hand-sewed plushie that's easily mistaken for the real thing."

Pix Plushie was created by Valerian.
Valerian may edit this item any time within 3 days.

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Approval Queue

2020-08-08 18:16:23

The approval queue is now viewable to players with artist access who are level 50+. You will see the link on your creator pages, next to the License Agreements link.

This allows players to help staff in detecting art theft and other issues early on, before things are pushed through the approval process.

As a player, you can now comment on things in the approval queue. Your comments are ONLY visible to yourself and the staff, so you do not have to worry about other users viewing your comments.

Thank you everyone who has helped us to detect and remove cases of art theft on the site.

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Item Compression

2020-08-08 08:33:35

For creators, there is anow an option to turn off compression on items.

If you have any items that are suffering loss of quality due to compression, you can now re-upload a replacement file without compression. Be sure to select the 'no compression' option.

These will be approved by staff and you will see the updated item after it gets approved.

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2020-08-08 06:54:09

With recent updates to adoptables slots, we have implemented a new feature called Adopt Storage.

You can now move your adopts in and out of storage from the adoptables page. You can access your storage from this page any time.

Adoptables in storage take up less space on our server, allowing us to give users a lot more space.

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Clarification on Adopt Slots

2020-08-08 05:08:30

There has been some contention with regards to slot reductions. This came about because of poorly given information, which we apologize for. We aren't trying to punish anyone for alternate accounts.

The reason adopt slots were reduced is because of a lack of storage space. We had a huge influx of players that was completely unexpected and combined with the items that were given to boost energy and account experience, adopt levels were getting increasingly high. Which meant storage levels were getting increasingly high.

While there is an upgrade planned, we need to keep an eye on our current storage capabilities to prevent crashes and the issues surrounding such. Adopts take up the most storage space, so lowering how many people can have is the best way to handle storage concerns until the storage can be upgraded.

Please know that we are keeping an eye on the chat and paying attention to peoples' concerns. We apologize for the miscommunication on our part and hope that you can be patient with us during these early stages. Thank you for all your support.

Do feel free to comment if you have questions or concerns. Or join us in the Discord to discuss if you feel up to it.

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New Species!

2020-08-07 17:27:12

has been released!

"An ancient creature, discovered in a forgotten corner of the world and brought back into the public eye. They now roam freely across the entire world."

Plesiosaur was created by Admin.
Admin may edit this species any time within 3 days.

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Tracing/Art Theft

2020-08-07 15:02:42

This is a reminder that tracing and stealing artwork is not acceptable, and will result in a permanent ban on 4dopt.com

We are updating our policies to be more strict when cases of tracing/heavy referencing/art theft occur.

Definition of tracing: If your artwork is an exact copy, line for line, of another's work. This includes photographs and rotated/flipped versions of work, or patchworks of different traced artwork.

Definition of heavy referencing: When artwork is so closely referenced, that it appears traced/mostly traced and cannot be identified as a unique piece of work, resulting in copyright infringement. This includes photographs, rotated, and flipped versions of another's work.

Previously, a violation would result in a warning followed by a permanent ban. Unfortunately this system can be taken advantage of.

We will now be revoking artist access to anyone who receives a warning for traced or stolen art (followed by a ban if any future violations are found). They will no longer be able to upload images to eliminate the potential for further infringement.

We will also no longer be allowing photographs to be used in adoptables images (even if taken by the user) to ensure that staff are able to more accurately prevent theft, as photographs are more difficult to police.

Anyone who has used photographs in their images, this is a heads up to replace your files or staff will replace/remove them.

Official photoshop patterns are allowed.

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TOS Update

2020-08-07 10:42:45

The Terms of Service has been updated with a new section on critique of artwork, detailing that artists should be asked if they wish to receive negative comments or critique beforehand.

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2020-08-07 11:12:59

I think that's what they call a Code of Conduct, not ToS. But yeah~

Level Slots

2020-08-07 10:35:02

The level slot system (how many adopts, species,. etc. one can have on their account) has been re-adjusted to be spread out from levels 1-500 instead of 1-300.

The old system was made back before large quantities of items could be found and used, so we're updating it to scale with new ease of leveling.

This is also being done to discourage alt accounts used for holding adoptables—although we allow this, it's only because there way for us to accurately enforce rules against it. Having a lot of players using alts to keep more adoptables can ultimately damage the site, so we want to make sure this is something that only very few players will want to do.

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2020-08-07 17:21:50

You could look at transfer logs of a user sending adopts back and forth and transfers of currency. I spotted an account that has nearly all 3-digits transferred from their main.

New Species!

2020-08-07 05:25:32

has been released!


was created by .
may edit this species any time within 3 days.

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New Item!

2020-08-06 06:15:56

V1 Infected Monitor
has been released!

"An old broken monitor with a glitching screen. There are figures behind the static, but the screen jitters too much to make them out clearly."

V1 Infected Monitor was created by Sage.
Sage may edit this item any time within 3 days.

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New Item!

2020-08-06 06:15:56

V2 Infected Laptop
has been released!

"A shiny new laptop with a glitching screen. You feel like you hear whispers among the ear grating stutter loop."

V2 Infected Laptop was created by Moth.
Moth may edit this item any time within 3 days.

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New Item!

2020-08-05 15:47:13

has been released!


was created by .
may edit this item any time within 3 days.

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Transform Items

2020-08-05 14:47:25

Another update on the transform items issues.

We have determined that these items, both shadows and custom transforms, need more development to fix issues that have been brought up by players. These issues include:
1. User-created items not having a use, due to the creator removing a species that was previously applied.
2. Only have essential layers available (lack of color transforms).

We have not been able to find any easy solutions to either of these issues, so these items are being disabled until we can fix the problems with them.

This may take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months or more, as it will require a lot of recoding and testing to make sure the transform items are up to standard.

In the meantime, we recommend that creators remove their transform items from explore, since they will not be usable until we fix the issues with them.

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New Species!

2020-08-05 14:13:11

has been released!

"The Veneko is a six-legged hairless feline sporting a distinctive poison stinger on its tail. Once reserved only for those of the highest social standing, they still seem to believe this is the case, as they'll only partner themselves with those they deem worthy, i.e. those with enough points to catch one. It's common for Veneko owners to dress them in sweaters, both as a fashion statement and as a way to keep them warm in lieu of fur."

Veneko was created by Hexlock.
Hexlock may edit this species any time within 3 days.

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2020-08-05 14:37:38


New Species!

2020-08-05 12:25:06

has been released!

"Pix are small, inquisitive creatures that visit flourishing gardens and flower fields, helping to pollinate and protect the local flora from harm."

Pix was created by Valerian.
Valerian may edit this species any time within 3 days.

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2020-08-05 12:43:49

2020-08-05 12:28:10

These are adorable omg


2020-08-05 11:48:27

All transformation items, including shadows, are now down due to various issues with these features.

We will work on improving these items so that they're more usable in the future!

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New Item!

2020-08-05 11:35:07

Pineapple Chunks
has been released!

"A lovely topping for any meal or dessert."

Pineapple Chunks was created by Marcel.
Marcel may edit this item any time within 3 days.

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2020-08-05 11:44:44

The true villain!

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