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Storage Reduction

2020-10-12 13:10:17

The storage reduction has gone through. For those who want someone to hold adopts for them, Eve is offering to hold them for up to 1 year. Feel free to reserve adopts to user ID #6 for this.

We will be going forward with updates to the cost of upgrades later tonight (if you want upgrades at the current price, be sure to get those today before this update).

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Artist Links

2020-10-11 19:05:17

We have updated artist links on profile. They are now only visible to staff and are strictly used for artist access and applications/verification of art.

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Item Random Amounts

2020-10-11 13:08:13

The random amounts formula for items has been updated to address the issue of potentially rolling a low amount on a large quantity being used (for example, using 50 PTS items and getting only 500, the lowest possible amount).

The old formula (for PTS items as an example) was:
randomize(10-100) * quantity = points gained

As a result, you would get one roll for all 50 items being used. This creates a high risk situation and many players prefer to use items one at a time to avoid the risk.

Here's the new formula for PTS items:
10 * quantity = lowest possible roll
100 * quantity = highest possible roll
randomize(lowest possible roll-highest possible roll) = points gained

This new formula combines the lowest and highest possible rolls based on the quantity, then rolls the result.

This has been applied to PTS and EXP items.

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Chat & Realtime

2020-10-10 11:21:07

We are still working on converting various site features over to realtime functionality (which means that only the feature loads rather than the entire page reloading when an action is done).

If you have any specific suggestions for buttons or other functions to be switched to realtime, let us know in the forums.

Also let us know if you experience any trouble with the recode.

In other news, there is now a realtime chat on the right-hand sidebar. It's more than JUST a chat, though. This feature gives you quick access to forum threads. Let us know how things are going with it, and if you have any suggestions.

We are looking into possibilities of adding access to profile comments, news comments, species comments, personal messages, private notes, and other areas where content can be posted through this right sidebar area.

If you're not into chatting and content posting, you can toggle this feature off any time.

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New Species!

2020-10-08 14:56:43

Tiffany Mice
has been released!

"Tiffany Mice first appeared in a rodentry in the UK. Bred by selecting only the fuzziest angoras, Tiffany Mice are named after their somewhat similar resemblence to the Chantilly-Tiffany cat breed. These mice also share in the same owner driven personality as the felines, being vocal towards their owners, even letting out super high pitched joyous squeaks at the sight of someone they love. Tiffany Mice require big solid wheels, as wheels with mesh risk their fur getting tangled."

Tiffany Mice was created by SunnyRats.
SunnyRats may edit this species any time within 3 days.

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2020-10-08 20:49:58

Smol friends I love them
2020-10-08 16:53:57

Love <3
2020-10-08 15:32:40


New Species!

2020-10-08 09:05:55

has been released!

"Raptosia are very intelligent and tend to think very highly of themselves. Though they're small in size, barely larger than a house cat, they often work in packs and will do anything to prove their intellect. They tend to hide away from civilization, though occasionally one or two will wander off into more commonly trod lands in search of a challenge."

Raptosia was created by Orion.
Orion may edit this species any time within 3 days.

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2020-10-07 17:17:37

The Terms of Service has been updated with a few 'Code of Conduct' sections at the top.

We have also added a link to the Terms of Service in a pinned topic of each forum. Make sure you read and understand these terms before using the site or the forums.

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Realtime Tags

2020-10-07 12:55:30

If you are an item creator, you can now add and remove tags from items with realtime (no page reloads).

Let us know if you have any issues with this. We are currently in the process of switching various features over to realtime buttons and will continue work on adding this to other areas of the site.

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Change Queues

2020-10-06 22:14:04

After gathering more feedback, we've gone ahead and reduced all 7-14 day queue times to be 1-2 day wait times instead.

We have gone through and updated any text on the site that references this timeframe. If you find any text that states the old 7-14 timeframe, let us know (as there should no longer be any queues that take that long).

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Species Blurbs

2020-10-06 20:29:51

You can now add blurbs for your species (if you have created any) in the explore settings panel!

We have also slightly adjusted the layout for found adopts in explore to help make room for these blurbs.

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Explore Items Change Queue

2020-10-06 12:15:05

The change queue for removing items from explore areas has been reduced to 1-2 days rather than 7-14 days.

We are also looking at either switching other change queue times to this timeframe, or removing certain change queues. Post your feedback if you have any preferences on change queue shortenings/removals.

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New Item!

2020-10-06 08:16:20

Void Chest
has been released!

"It doesn't appear to be reflecting light, but otherwise it's just a normal che- Wait...IS THAT AN EYE?!"

Void Chest was created by MysteryGyn.
MysteryGyn may edit this item any time within 3 days.

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New Item!

2020-10-06 08:16:17

Void Steak
has been released!

"It's probably best not to question it."

Void Steak was created by MysteryGyn.
MysteryGyn may edit this item any time within 3 days.

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New Item!

2020-10-06 08:16:14

Web On A Stick
has been released!

"Its covered in void, they must have tried to do some fly fishing."

Web On A Stick was created by MysteryGyn.
MysteryGyn may edit this item any time within 3 days.

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New Item!

2020-10-06 08:16:10

Tear in Reality
has been released!

"1 th1^k s0m3th1^g w3n1 wr0n9."

Tear in Reality was created by Sage.
Sage may edit this item any time within 3 days.

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2020-10-08 15:33:20


New Species!

2020-10-05 02:16:20

Praying Mantis
has been released!

"A species of rather confrontational bugs. Don't be too harsh if one tries to challenge you though, they are just little guys after all!"

Praying Mantis was created by TRYHARD.
TRYHARD may edit this species any time within 3 days.

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New Item!

2020-10-04 09:10:07

Void Is That You
has been released!

"It seems to be staring at you. It slowly approaches, your not sure if you should run or stay. It is now next to you and reaches out, you flinch expecting the worse and- ... oh. It just wanted to give you some energy."

Void Is That You was created by MysteryGyn.
MysteryGyn may edit this item any time within 3 days.

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Storage Updates

2020-10-03 17:24:20

Two more updates on the storage adopts!

We have tentatively updated images for adoptables in storage to save as thumbnails, which makes them load faster. You can read about it here.

We want to make sure everyone knows, especially if you have an upgrade, that storage is being reduced for players who do not have upgrades on October 10th. Each upgrade provides an additional +500 storage slots.
At level 500, regular non upgraded users will have 894 storage slots.
With one upgrade (either player upgrade or artist upgrade), it gets raised to 1,394 storage slots at lvl 500. If you have both upgrades, it'll be 1,894 at lvl 500.
We will be adding additional permanent storage slots later.

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New Storage Amounts

2020-10-03 14:44:38

New storage amounts can now be viewed in the leveling guide.

This update will take place on October 10th. Along with the update to storage, we will be updating the price of upgrades to 100 credits.

Players who have more adopts than they have room for as a result of the update will not lose their adopts. Adopts will still stay on your account regardless of your storage numbers, if you already had them.

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2020-10-02 16:47:28

We have now switched the Achievements feature over to realtime, allowing you to click through and easily claim rewards without reloading the page.

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