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Treasure Slot Items

2020-10-24 15:09:32

You can now increase adopt treasure slots using the same items that increase inventory slots.

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Treasures Revamp

2020-10-24 14:46:22

The treasures feature has been given a complete revamp.
Originally, this feature was meant to be used simply for aesthetic purpose, but we've realized it has potential for much, much more.

Since this feature can be used for so many things, including the raffles and auctions, it has been given an update to make it faster, easier, and inexpensive.

What has Changed
- Removed the need to move between the adopts page and items pages, you can now easily add items directly from the adopt's profile.
- Everything has been switched over to realtime, making it easy to add and remove items quickly.
- Slots can now be added in realtime for a flat rate of 100 pts.

I can no longer access this from item pages, is this going to be added back?
Since this has feature has been substantially streamlined, we have removed the unnecessary step of going to your items pages to add items to treasures.

Further Plans
- Adopt treasure slot increase is going to be a new item function (NOT ADDED YET) to provide a cheaper alternative to increase slots.

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Mass Explore Giving Back

2020-10-24 09:52:14

When Mass Explore is used, it will now automatically donate some Energy Potions to the area you explored in as open spawns. The number of potions that get donated is randomly determined by how much was gained from the mass explore.

This mechanic is meant to give benefits to players with less (such as newbies) and the community when higher leveled/more wealthy players use the mass explore feature.

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2020-10-24 13:22:23

Small clarification: You don't lose items from this (your mass explore will give you all items you found)! This just means that energy items will be generated in the "donated" pool based on quantity of items you found in mass explore. It's a win-win for everyone.

New Banner

2020-10-23 18:50:45

4dopt now has a fancy new banner on the home page!

Thank you, Adrenaline, for drawing our official banner! And thank you to Raru for the banner's 4dopt text.

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2020-10-24 12:28:55

The banner is super cute!! The update to the main page also looks so nice with all the new graphics!!!!
2020-10-24 02:49:44

Yessssss now I get to look at it all the time! It's just so pretty
2020-10-24 00:46:20

so pretty @o@ !!
2020-10-23 21:10:49

POGCHAMP!!!!!! it's so pretty waa
2020-10-23 18:51:49


Respawn Viewer

2020-10-23 12:36:55

We are testing a potential feature for upgraded players.

If you have a standard upgrade, you will see a 'Respawn' button on the explore page next to the 'What Lurks Here' button. When clicked, this shows you all current respawns in the area, including donated respawns.

The viewer is only for viewing, you still need to hunt for respawns through exploring. It only allows players to see what is out there in the wild.

Upgraded players are welcome to share screenshots or information from this feature with others. Although it is only accessible to upgraded players, the information can be freely given out to anyone (we have no intentions of restricting sharing this with info non upgraded players).

We have had some mixed feedback (though mostly positive) on whether to add this feature, so this is a TENTATIVE trial period. The feature may be removed if it is deemed too advantageous. We are testing to see how it will affect the game, if at all. If it causes problems, it will be tweaked or removed. If it does not cause any issues, we can add it as a permanent feature.

Let us know your feedback.

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New Item!

2020-10-23 09:01:40

Eucalyptus Leaves
has been released!

"Some leaves. For you to eat, of course."

Eucalyptus Leaves was created by Marcel.
Marcel may edit this item any time within 3 days.

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New Item!

2020-10-23 09:01:35

has been released!

"Freshly-picked hyacinths."

Hyacinths was created by Marcel.
Marcel may edit this item any time within 3 days.

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New Item!

2020-10-23 09:01:29

Seed Bag
has been released!

"Plant the seeds inside and see what grows!"

Seed Bag was created by Marcel.
Marcel may edit this item any time within 3 days.

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New Item!

2020-10-23 09:00:38

has been released!

"A small chunk of smoothed malachite. "

Malachite was created by Orion.
Orion may edit this item any time within 3 days.

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New Species!

2020-10-22 22:51:04

has been released!

"Tiny fluffy friends, ranging in size from 1-12 inches from nose to tail tip! Don't accidentally squish the babies in your exploring!"

Mothpups was created by Kaorihoshi.
Kaorihoshi may edit this species any time within 3 days.

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Donation Achievements

2020-10-22 19:40:11

You can now get a new type of achievements for donating items to explore, which come with some nice rewards including energy items!
Note: this counter was recently added, so we are all starting from 0 today.

You will also now get account experience from donating items to explore. The amount of experience you get is equal to the amount of items you donate.

We also added a new energy item called the Energy Potion Plus, which can be found in-game and in the site store. This potion is rare, but not super rare, and will give the same amount of energy as 10 regular energy potions.

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NPC Shop Sales

2020-10-22 19:13:52

There is a new feature added to NPC shops!

This feature is items being on sale. Once in a while, there is a chance you may find an item at a 50-90% off discount in the NPC shops.
So if you see an item on sale, you may want to buy it! You can tell if an item is on sale because the old price will be crossed out, and a new sales price will display next to it in greem lettering.
This does not happen frequently, so you may be getting a good deal with sales items.

All current existing NPC shop items have sales turned off. If you want your item to stock with a chance of sales, you will need to re-add your item with this turned on.

Note: If you added items to the Book Nook, please re-add these. We had a little mishap when adding this feature, and book shop items need to be reset.

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New Item!

2020-10-22 18:54:39

Scribbly Pebble
has been released!

"This seems a bit... stick-like. As you watch it, it flies up and hits you in the face. Ow!"

Scribbly Pebble was created by Ebanon.
Ebanon may edit this item any time within 3 days.

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2020-10-22 18:59:50

I thought it was a paperclip at first :)

New Species!

2020-10-22 18:51:18

has been released!

"Cute, slimey creatures that are about a foot in length. Dwell in Wet rivers and caves. They like zucchini slices."

SnaleShark was created by LuckyDragon.
LuckyDragon may edit this species any time within 3 days.

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Explore Adjustment

2020-10-22 17:20:33

We have adjusted the explore feature due to an exploitable bug.

New spawned items and adopts now require energy to find.
However, you will still be able to find respawned items and adopts without energy.

To compensate for this, we are increasing energy yields from items by double (10 energy per item).
We are also multiplying daily energy regeneration by x5 for a substantual increase.
We will also be adding incentives for donating items, and making energy more accessible with upcoming updates.

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Artist Credit

2020-10-21 18:59:28

We have updated the way artist credit is handled for both species and items to make things simpler.

Previously, you had to add yourself as an artist before you could upload artwork.

Now, this step has been removed and automated. You do NOT need to add credit for yourself, as the system will do this automatically for you upon uploading.

Also, you no longer have to select yourself as an artist with each upload. Your name will always appear at the top of the list for automatic self-crediting.

Crediting artists is still ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED for collaborations with other artists. Always remember to credit other artists involved in the creation of items or species. Failure to provide credit may result in warnings, loss of artist access, or bans.

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2020-10-21 19:53:49

Speaking of credits, can there be a tiny subtext credit note? I keep wondering if I selected them wrong...

New Item!

2020-10-21 06:35:38

has been released!

"Would go nicely with cream."

Peach was created by Marcel.
Marcel may edit this item any time within 3 days.

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New Item!

2020-10-20 12:49:20

has been released!

"Crack it open and see what you get!"

Geode was created by Marcel.
Marcel may edit this item any time within 3 days.

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New Item!

2020-10-20 12:49:16

Occupied Box
has been released!

"Looks like there's someone... or something... inside. Couldn't hurt to squeeze in one more resident, right?"

Occupied Box was created by Marcel.
Marcel may edit this item any time within 3 days.

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Layer Group Breeding

2020-10-19 13:46:43

Layer group breeding has been added, and is ready for testing!

This feature will need adjustments, and may be reworked. We are just testing things out.

Breeding settings for layers can be changed on the breeding panel for species. It is turned off by default.

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