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2020-09-05 11:42:28

The Auction House is now open!

This feature has been greenlit through staff testing, and is ready for players to try it out! Keep in mind, because it is new, there may be bugs that need to be fixed. If you want to try the new feature when it has been tested more, we recommend waiting a week or so before using it.

If any bugs are found, be sure to let us know in the bug reports forum.

You can access auctions from your adopts page.

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New Item!

2020-09-05 10:11:24

Jammie Plush
has been released!

"Blobs of jam don't translate well to fabric and stuffing, but the creators of this plush made a valiant effort."

Jammie Plush was created by Sage.
Sage may edit this item any time within 3 days.

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2020-09-05 11:02:15

Jammie plush has my heart

New Item!

2020-09-05 10:11:20

Jammie Sticker
has been released!

"A sticker depicting a popular Jammie."

Jammie Sticker was created by Sage.
Sage may edit this item any time within 3 days.

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New Item!

2020-09-05 09:26:07

Jam Jar
has been released!

"A cute little jar of jam. Hey, is there a face in there?"

Jam Jar was created by Sage.
Sage may edit this item any time within 3 days.

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More Updates

2020-09-01 22:26:04

Notification Settings have been added, which you can now access from your notifications page. This will allow you to hide or unhide notifications by category.

Hiding notifications will make them no longer appear in your bell icon sidebar notifs, as well as from your notifications page altogether.

But have no fear! It only hides, and does not delete your notifications. You can unhide them anytime and they will magically reappear.


The Adopt Search can now find adopts by color name (contains) and old name (contains).

We have also added an auction checkbox, but the auctions feature hasn't been released yet (this will come later).


The Auction feature is not released yet, but is in the debugging process. The Achievements system is also being debugged by staff. These will likely be the next two features to see a release.


New polls:
Credit Items/Perks
NPC Shops
Shop Autoprice
Shop Repricing

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New Item!

2020-09-01 15:21:19

Shadow plush
has been released!

"Shadows makes bad plush material. (SneepCreep transform item)"

Shadow plush was created by Moth.
Moth may edit this item any time within 3 days.

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Transforms & Other Updates

2020-09-01 12:42:11

Transform items are back! Previously, they were taken down due to the issue of sometimes lacking a use (in the case of custom transforms especially, if creators don't assign a species).

After a lot of discussion, testing various recodes we've done behind the scenes, and polling, we've ultimately found an easy solution would be to allow transform items to give PTS by default as an alternative use.


Shop search has been updated to include a search by use feature, so you can find the cheapest energy item, or whatever else you're seeking. Leave the name field blank for all, or combine it with a name search!


An achievements system is in the works behin the scenes. We have recently added counters for: adopts sold through profiles, adopts adopted through shelter, rare adopts found in explore, breeding (was already added), highest bank balance, items sold through your shop, items used (quantities are counted), and a few other things that you will be able to earn rewards for. This is not out yet, but something to look forward to!


A recolored indicator has been added to identify adoptables that have been recolored before (you can see this in the color field on their profiles).Adopts that existed before implementation are all marked as recolored, but we currently have a poll that you can vote in to either keep it the same or have this switched for older ID adopts.


A small lvl 10 restriction has been added to polls to help keep the polls more accurate.


Some polls are open as we are seeking more feedback on various things for the site.
Species 'Journal' Poll
Renaming Layer Groups Poll
Items Logs Poll
'Omni' Gender Poll
Species Location Limits

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New Item!

2020-09-01 11:55:26

has been released!

"A terrible fate."

Tangleweed was created by FRiv.
FRiv may edit this item any time within 3 days.

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New Item!

2020-09-01 11:55:24

has been released!

"A very common resident, but a very rare treat!"

Camokoi was created by FRiv.
FRiv may edit this item any time within 3 days.

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New Item!

2020-09-01 11:55:19

has been released!

"Looks more like a repurposed storage box you pulled out of the trash bin... but as long as it holds water, right?"

Aquarium was created by FRiv.
FRiv may edit this item any time within 3 days.

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New Item!

2020-09-01 11:55:15

has been released!

"Like grapes, but better."

Cranberries was created by FRiv.
FRiv may edit this item any time within 3 days.

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2020-08-31 22:14:14

The zoom feature has been reworked to only appear in explore now.

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2020-09-01 00:00:18

o h god im still in school the word "zoom" made me think there was gonna a be a conference call

(glad to see nee features added though! c:)

Recolored Indicator

2020-08-31 19:46:14

We have added a new indicator to adoptables to show whether they have ever been recolored at any point.

We did not previously have data stored for this, so all adoptables that existed before the feature was added on the site have been marked as recolored.

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2020-09-01 05:10:30

well, if the marking is to guarantee which adopts are *not* recolored, makes sense to mark them all in doubt, even if it seems a little weird. The icon seems unobtrusive enough.
2020-08-31 19:54:25

Also think it would look better in the color field imo. As Color 🎨: blablabla or Color: 🎨 blablabla
2020-08-31 19:51:51

I think it should be the other way around? Most are not. We can easily resave in recolor or request the creator make a quick couple clicks.

New Item!

2020-08-31 17:40:36

Pocket-Size Sunrise
has been released!

"Have you ever felt like you needed a pick-me-up or motivation? Take a peek at this miniature sunrise and feel rejuvenated and determined."

Pocket-Size Sunrise was created by Raru.
Raru may edit this item any time within 3 days.

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2020-08-31 13:07:10

We have 5 new polls to vote in! Looking for feedback on various player suggestions.

Transform Item Poll

Force Catch Item

Species Location Limits

Shelter Increase Adopts Viewed

'Omni' Gender

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New Item!

2020-08-31 11:35:28

Church Grim sticker
has been released!

"A collectible sticker depicting a church grim."

Church Grim sticker was created by Marcel.
Marcel may edit this item any time within 3 days.

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New Item!

2020-08-31 11:06:40

Hot Chocolate
has been released!

"no info"

Hot Chocolate was created by zombie.
zombie may edit this item any time within 3 days.

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Image Zoom/Popup Issues

2020-08-31 07:58:51

The feature we recently added (allowing you to view a fullsized image of an adoptable) had to be removed due to an issue that we can't find a workaround for.

What was this feature? When an adoptable's image is clicked, a full view appears in a popup.

The issue: In some areas like the adopts page and search, clicking images goes to the profile. We had to move this link to be the name, lvl, gender, etc. info instead of the images. Some users said they were having trouble accidentally clicking the image when they wanted to go to the adopt's profile instead.

Workarounds: We originally tried to resolve this by making the fullsized image direct to the adopt's profile (so even if you accidentally click the popup, you can still get to profile). However, we got feedback that this was not idea.

We then tried to remove the popups from areas where images used to link to profiles. Unfortunately this caused a bug.

We have looked into other workarounds such as having a clickable magnifying glass icon, but there is some concern that this could get in the way of adoptables images since it would have to be positioned near them. The other possible workaround was that the popup could contain a mini profile with some basic information, but this wouldn't be the full profile so still might be a problem.

We will keep working on this!

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2020-08-31 09:48:25

You should still be able to click on images to go to profiles. If not, let us know in bugs and make sure to include what part of the site it is.

We originally had the enlarge hover on the site (when it first launched), but took it out due to how annoying it was to accidentally hover over it.
2020-08-31 09:32:32

it looks like we can't click the image at all to go to the profile anymore. is that going to be brought back?
2020-08-31 09:06:13

I also prever having a large image to click to reach profiles. Maybe a possibility is having a hovering pop up on mouseover, that wouldn't cover the image you want to click? Or limiting the popup to Explore, where there is no way to zoom in.

Testing New Feature

2020-08-31 07:30:37

We are testing a new potential feature that copies an adopt image to use as a species preview. Let us know if you like it, or have any issues with it so far.

If you are an artist/species owner, you can now copy an adopt to update your species 'preview'—this will replace the essential layer only image with whatever image you choose.

The adopt must belong to you, and must be out of storage (this is needed in order to copy the images, as stored adopts do not have images).
You will get an error if the adoptable does not have a rendered image to be copied, but you can solve this quickly by viewing the adopt on their profile.

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2020-08-31 07:50:50

Would it default if the mascot is transformed/deleted/stored?
2020-08-31 07:47:16


Enlarge Images

2020-08-30 15:52:25

You can now click on adopt images to see a larger view.

Since this involves clicking on the image itself, areas that previously linked to profiles from the image will now link to profiles from the adoptable’s name instead.

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2020-08-31 06:04:15

Great to hear! Thank you for letting us know.
2020-08-30 22:25:18


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