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Unreleased Transform Items

2020-09-09 15:19:25

You can now assign unreleased transform items to your species!

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2020-09-09 19:11:05


New Item!

2020-09-09 13:03:53

River Rock
has been released!

"A rock. From the river. Thrilling."

River Rock was created by Sage.
Sage may edit this item any time within 3 days.

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Catch Items

2020-09-09 10:57:55

Catch items now have a secondary use!

You can now use them to add experience to your adoptables, in addition to their capture use.

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New Item!

2020-09-09 07:06:07

Void Jam
has been released!

"This jam is scaring me...! Stop looking at me like that!"

Void Jam was created by Sage.
Sage may edit this item any time within 3 days.

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Species Population IDs

2020-09-08 12:54:58

A new type of ID has been added to adoptables called a 'species population id.'

This ID is assigned based on current species population. If you have the very first Spikey Wolf, it will have the population ID of #0. The first Lunar Dragon will also have #0.

These population ids are less strict than regular adopt IDs, and there can be duplicates, as its based on current species population.

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2020-09-08 13:12:01


New Species!

2020-09-08 11:33:23

Stick In The Mud
has been released!

"Truly rotten at the core. They'll throw swamp muck at you with little or no provocation. "

Stick In The Mud was created by SpaceSR.
SpaceSR may edit this species any time within 3 days.

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2020-09-09 10:43:58

Cute lol

Achievements on Profiles

2020-09-07 15:40:33

You can now view player's achievements on their profiles, and flaunt your own!

Bank achievements not included for player privacy.
Collection achievements not included because collections can be viewed from profile link.

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Credit Items

2020-09-07 13:47:07

You can now choose from a variety of credit items in the site store!

These items will give you special benefits on 4dopt, and help support the site!

There are two sections to this store:
Unlimited Supply - These items can be purchased in any quantity at any time.
Limited Supply - These items stock in limited quantities every 6-24 hours (randomly, so they cannot be sniped).

Note: Prices are the same and do not change, only the quantity is limited on the Limited Supply items.

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Mascot Contest Winners

2020-09-07 12:38:03

Thank you all very very much for your participation in the contest, either via making a recolor or voting!
This will be the new official face for 4dopt! A Small set of discord emotes will be in the works soon.

And without further ado, the winner of the contest is:

With this lovely spikey wolf

Want to help us name them?
The Official Mascot Naming mini-contest is here!

And now, for the 2nd and 3rd places!

In 2nd Place we have Mothkin, with this Spikey wolf

And in 3rd place is Gemi, with this Spikey Wolf

Thank you all very much once again!

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2020-09-08 04:13:54

aww heck congrats to the winners ;v;
2020-09-07 13:01:20

2020-09-07 12:47:50

Congrats everyone!
2020-09-07 12:45:06

omg ;_____; i've never won a contest in my life i can't believe it...

Renaming Layer Groups

2020-09-07 12:22:29

Species owners can now rename layer groups by clicking on the chosen layer group, the rename option will be at the top of the screen.

This will automatically rename all existing adoptables with that layer group. Because this can be a high processing action, there is a 5 minute cooldown.

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Omni Gender

2020-09-06 20:35:18

There is a new gender called 'Omni' which you can now obtained when creating an adoptable (for species creators).

Omni adopts can breed to males, females, or other omnis.

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2020-09-06 20:54:41

Suggested Price

2020-09-06 18:25:56

When pricing items in your shop, you will now notice there is a ‘suggested’ price below the price field.

The suggested price will display the lowest possible price that you can set your item to without under cutting player shops.

We recommend pricing your items at the suggested price for them to sell quicker.

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New Species!

2020-09-06 15:24:18

Paradise Phoenix
has been released!

"A fancy, blazing bird with magical healing properties kept within their feathers. Paradise Phoenixes are said to be immortal, reborn from their ashes when they pass."

Paradise Phoenix was created by Adrenaline.
Adrenaline may edit this species any time within 3 days.

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2020-09-06 14:11:24

The Achievements system is out! You can now claim various rewards through it.

This can be accessed from your inventory.

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2020-09-06 16:14:27


New Item!

2020-09-06 08:51:14

Pinkgill Mushrooms
has been released!

"Among the moss and leaves."

Pinkgill Mushrooms was created by Miso.
Miso may edit this item any time within 3 days.

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New Item!

2020-09-06 08:51:10

Carbuncle plushie
has been released!

"A plushie of a wild carbuncle. The gem on its forehead is rumored to be genuine..."

Carbuncle plushie was created by Marcel.
Marcel may edit this item any time within 3 days.

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2020-09-06 09:26:30

If this plushie was cursed and asked for my soul I would GLADLY give it to them

New Species!

2020-09-05 16:29:05

Little Kitten
has been released!

"Little Kittens have a permanent baby look, even as adults!"

Little Kitten was created by TRICKorTREAT.
TRICKorTREAT may edit this species any time within 3 days.

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New Species!

2020-09-05 16:29:03

has been released!

"These energetic terrestrial beasts enjoy playing games, exploring, running, and climbing. Most struggle to keep up with them, but at least if you befriend one, you'll never forget to exercise!"

Aqueros was created by DragonsAndVG.
DragonsAndVG may edit this species any time within 3 days.

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New Species!

2020-09-05 16:29:01

Growl Rooster
has been released!

"Growl Roosters are a species of Triglidae, in the order of Scorpaeniformes. They are primaraly bottom feeders that prefer areas with sandy or soft ground. Growl Roosters can be found in salt and fresh water alike and some have even been found to live in caves and underground lakes. There are speculations about populations on the bottom of certain deepsea trenches. Their name comes from the growl-like noises these fish make when they feel threatened."

Growl Rooster was created by wolfi11.
wolfi11 may edit this species any time within 3 days.

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Auction Updates

2020-09-05 15:13:39

Auction Bugs - There was a bug regarding auctions. If you placed bids when the auctions were opened recently, you may have been affected. This bug was exploitable, but there is no evidence that any players intentionally exploited and it was reported promptly. We can't trace who had been affected, but good news is that the amount that was affected is very small, will not affect the economy, and therefore we are not going to do a rollback and will not worry about it.
If you would like affected money deducted by staff manually, feel free to post here.


We also have a few new polls!
Adopt IDs within Species
Self-made Creation Limits

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