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Isosceles (#569432)

Adopt Info

RNG Name: Isosceles
Gender: Male
Species: Billiorb Prophets (#57)
DOB: 2022-01-02 23:21:26

Future Telling: 1
Shakiness: 15
Knowledge: 140

Isosceles's Bio

BILL CIPHER??? BILLiorb prophets?@?

Isosceles has room for 1 Mini Adopts.

Isosceles's Treasures

IsoscelesTear in Reality x1
IsoscelesStringless Worm x1
IsoscelesShooting Star x1
IsoscelesPocket Dimension x1
IsoscelesFancy Bowtie x1

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2022-07-13 12:58:08

2022-07-12 08:33:04

^_^ !! az a fellow gravity fallz lover i just had 2 help!!!!!!!! he needz 2 be complete
2022-07-11 17:39:51

you are SO SMART i am adding brick patternz and tophat/bowtie specfically 4 thiz guy (theyre gonna be 4 use 4 everyone but i am addding them specfically cause thiz guy? he NEEDZ them)
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