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Metaphorical (#253228)

Adopt Info

RNG Name: Metaphorical
Gender: Omni
Species: Trophy Dragon (#68)
DOB: 2021-02-16 10:19:27
Owner: autoRegenesis

Friends: 1
Size: 1

Metaphorical's Bio

Something about this dragon makes it seem as though she knows more than she's letting on. She speaks of the past as though she's been there, and the future as though she's certain of its outcome. Eccentric to the point of being overwhelming to be around at times, Metaphorical means only the best, but her blunt nature and awkward understanding of social cues can be troublesome if you aren't used to it. Many of the other draconic adopts in the area regard her as an older sister figure. Whispering straight-up IS her sister.
She's probably a time traveler. Time travelers are known to wear a bow tie on occasion, after all.

Metaphorical's Treasures

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