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Meteion (#1227979)

Adopt Info

RNG Name: ProgressEnd
Gender: Female
Species: Skvader (#200)
DOB: 2022-05-02 21:53:13
Owner: ManageGuilt

Cuteness: 4
Charm: 63
Immortality: 25
Flight: 16
Magic: 1000

Meteion's Bio

"No matter how much hope exists, ever will there be more despair.
Ever will the living curse the present and lament the future.
So shall we sing until life ceases to be."

Meteion has room for 1 Mini Adopts.

Meteion's Treasures

MeteionFeather x1
MeteionAwakened Cube x1
MeteionBlue Planetberries x1
MeteionDowny Egg x1
MeteionObsidian x1
MeteionVoid Berry x1
MeteionFave Ribbon x1
MeteionI Am Loved Ribbon x1
MeteionWhite Feather x1
MeteionBlue Feather x1
MeteionBluejay Egg x1
MeteionSunrise Apple x1
MeteionRed Apple x1
MeteionBlue Core x1
MeteionBroody Feather x1

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